Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks Andy

I work an 8 to 5 Job.
While it is a good job with great people,
It is not a very creative job.
I need creativity.
I need to make stuff.
I am a right brained person
(or whatever side of the brain is the creative side.)

But sometimes, I get voices in
my head (they can be voices of myself,
they can be voices of friends and family I
make up and put inside my head, they can be
the voice of Satan himself, they can be the
voice of fear) and these voices tell
me "I CAN'T do this" or "THIS is Ugly", or
"You can NEVER do that as good as she can",
or "NOBODY will ever want you to do that"...

I just want to say
for this quote.

It is my new inspiration!

"Don't think about making art,
just get it done. Let everyone else
decide whether it's good or bad,
whether they love it or hate it.
While they are deciding,
make even more art.
*Andy Warhol*

I found this quote from this cute blog.

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