Friday, March 12, 2010

Ogden Canyon with the Boys

About a month ago, James's Brother invited us to go to spend the weekend with him and his boys in Ogden Canyon at a Condo he had through a time share. We did and it was so fun and very relaxing!

We hung out, went for drives, watched movies, I got to read my book, ate pizza and chicken enchiladas, and went SLEDDING!! Twice! It was so fun and those boys are super cute!

The Boys getting ready to head out.

I just love how his little bum waddled with all his sledding equipment on.

We went to a little hill just outside of our condo first, then later that afternoon we went to a much BIGGER hill, but I only got pictures at this hill. I was too busy sledding to worry about pictures the second time.

Collin was our guiney pig. We made him go down first. To make sure the 4 foot hill was safe.

I LOVE everything about these pictures! He is my little boyfriend...

Mmmmmmm...I love this boy!!!

OKAY, this one again just because I can't stand the cuteness of it!

The smile, the scrunched nose, the fresh stream of snot and the expression of pure joy on his face just does something for me. Love it!!

The weekend was awesome!

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Jessica said...

Yay! Now we can be official blog stalker friends! It was fun to see you too! We will have to do it again sometime!